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Welcome Korea traditional Taekwondo and Martial Arts Grand Master in Victoria BC

· 8th Dan BlackBelt(#2341337) with the KUKKIWON, The World Taekwondo Headquarters

· 4th Dan BlackBelt International Hapkido

· 4th Dan BlackBelt BonKuk Guem - Swordmanship

· 30 years teaching experience in Korea, USA etc.

· Certified WTA(WorldTaekwondoAcademy) Poomsae Master(2013~)

lead Master of Taekwondo Experience program for foreigners(KUKKIWON, 2008~)

· Certified International Taekwondo Master by KUKKIWON

· 2014~2019 KUKKIWON International Business Team chief

· 2019~2022 WTA Educational Development Team chief

· 2013 World Taekwondo Hanmadang Championship 2nd place in Authorized poomsae

· World Class KUKKIWON Demonstration Team Leader over 50 countries

· 2017 Head of Demonstration Team of KUKKIWON [Taekwondo KUKKIWON Day celebration

KUKKIWON Demonstration in Victoria]

· 2019 [CBS The World's Best Talent Competition show] resulted in 2nd place

· 2019~2022 WTA(World Taekwondo Academy) Taekwondo Master and Poon-dan test

examiner certifying course conducted in America, Asia and Europe over 20 times

· Wrote [Real situation Taekwondo Self-defense]. 2022 published by KUKKIWON

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